Friday, September 16, 2011

The Importanct of Play

This afternoon after Bess got home from daycare was rough. I am engorged, which meand I am running a fever and feeling lousy, JJ is all stuffy and sick and my husband is just tired. Bess decided today was a good day to be a grouch when she got home.

By the time dinner rolled around (ordered pizza by the way) everyone was upset with each other. Babes were crying, I was being snippy, my husband frustrated. It just want not a good situation for anyone, so I decided bath night could be put off a day and we all needed to head outside.

The moment we got out into the evening sun all our moods lifed:

We came home an hour later, all in a better mood and content. A little bit of fresh air and good old fashioned play was just what we needed tonight.


  1. what a great mom you are!! such a good idea to take everyone outside :) the pictures are super cute!

  2. Wonderful playing children. Great shots. Very clear.
    Have a nice weekend !