This is my little space on the web to blog about being the mother of two adorable little monsters!

Have given birth to two little monsters that are only 11.5 months apart I usually have a lot to blog about. Finding the time however is a challenge. I am sure once we get the hang of things around here I will blog more often.

So who am I you ask?

Well, I am the Mum of Monsters! I am 25 years old, with a very loving husband and two adorable children. I love to write and I love to blog.

We are currently living in my husbands native country, therefore I am tackling a foreign language while raising my children in a bi-lingual home. I am sure my one year old understands the language more than I do already!

And that's basically who I am. Right now my children are my life and I spend my days hanging out with them.