Monday, September 19, 2011

Potty Training

We have been kind of potty training. I say kind of because it is kind of a once in a while thing right now. I want to go for tilt, however Bess's daycare doesn't do it and I kind of feel any progress made will be lost during the day she is at daycare.

Anyways I yesterday I decided to do a little bit. We had sucess in the morning. I put her on the toilet. She peed. We cheered her one. She smiled. I was encouraged.

I tired again a little latter. Bess had a complete fit and melt down because I wouldn't let her endless throw toilet paper in the toilet. No pee. No poop. Crying. Fail.

I tried again after her nap. We had fun. We read a book. We played with a water bottle. We had some converstation that she found hilarious (too bad I didn't catch the joke..). She sat on the toilet for about 30 minutes. We let her sit on it as long as she wants too. I can't believe she went that long. No pee. No poop. Fail. But a least she was havin a good time.

I would really like Bess to be potty trained by the time she is two. I am really tired of cleaning her gross poops. They are so nasty! And for some reason lately she has been going 2 or 3 times a day.

With every other milestone Bess just kind of suddenly started doing it. No encouragment from us. She just decided one day that she could walk, use a cup, eat with a spoon or fork, etc. I won't if this is going to be the same. If one day she is just gonna think, hey I don't want to use the toilet now. I hope she does this and I hope she does it soon.

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  1. i am dreading potty training, sounds like bess is making some progress though.