Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lazy Parenting

Over the last week I have been such a lazy parent, mostly relying on my husband to do everything and only helping when he asked for it. I am not normally this way. I think I am on burnout mode that has turned into a habit. I have also reached a point were I want some alone time. I mean real alone time with no chance of interuption. I have been doing some design stuff from and I have loved doing it because when working on this my husband is really good at keeping the kids occupied so I am not interupted.

But I feel guilty. I feel that I am not being a good mom and spending enough quality time with my children and that they are having to compete for my attention with the computer. That is just not fair and just not right. So I am giving myself one last lazy parent day. At this moment Bess is eating her lunch in front of the TV watching madagascar (and she is loving every minute of it!). JJ is napping. I am being lazy. So at least we are all being lazy together.

Starting Monday I am going to start getting up early so I have "me" time to do whatever I want. Then once the kids are up I am putting in a no computer/tv rule before afternoon nap time. This will probably be a lot harder for me to follow than anyone else in the house as I have become pretty addicated to all my social media websites. But it is for the best, for all of us.

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  1. aw, just because you take a little time to yourself, that doesn't make you a bad mom!