Sunday, August 7, 2011

Helping a Friend

A friend of mine passed along one of these websites that you sign up for free and get paid to do some thing on it. I mostly ignore these as many are a scam. However, coming from this particular friend I actually looked into it. It's called Varolo. How it works is you sign up for free. Then you are paid a small amount to watch advertisements and rate them. Nice and easy. The catch: you don't get paid much, however the more people you get to sign up the more people that are placed in your 'village'. You get paid for every advertistment that someone in your 'village' and thier village and their friends village, etc watches. So basically the more people in your village the better.

I checked them out through the BBB and they have an A- and no complaints. I figure it doesn't hurt and I will be helping a friend in need, even if it is a tiny bit. So, if you are interested in these kind of things (great for the SAHM) then click here  (no I am not being paid to say/ask that) and join my village. You would be helping me, but more importantly my friend too.

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