Sunday, June 12, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I really really wanted to participate this week. I have not done a whole lot of photography lately (or any 'me' activities for that matter) due to packing to move on Tuesday.

We had plans to go out to a forest nearby this morning and I was going to use this time to get my photo's. Didn't happen. Bess's is sick. Like puking everywhere sick. My husband has gone through 3 pairs of clothes and I got covered shoulders to toes with apple juice and bread. Gross. JJ is being super clingy, so we have had our hands full all day.

I did get one picture from the list done last night, and I wanted to share.

I really love how this one turned out.

Hopefully once we are moved and settled I can get back to getting all 5 pictures each week again.


  1. Well your fruit shot looks wonderful.. Good luck with your move..

  2. I think it looks great too. Good luck!

  3. Looks good. Hope everyone feels better soon.

  4. Sorry to hear you and your hubby got covered in puke! On the bright side, that picture is amazing! Great job! Thanks for stopping by and complimenting me on my Danish video too btw.