Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Moving and such

So I have been meaning to blog. I have all these topics that keep coming to mind that I want to blog about. I just can not seem to find the time right now.

We have started the process of packing to get ready to move next week. NEXT WEEK! Where did the last month go? We are moving next week (you know, just incase you didn't get it the first two times..)! We only just started really packing yesterday. Progress was made, the apartment is now a disaster.

To make room for the boxes we had to rearrange. We moved Bess's crib into the bedroom with us. So now we are all sleeping in the same room. Bess seems to be pretty affected by all the change already. Last night was horrible. She was up crying multiple times. Luckily she never woke up JJ except just once, when we put him to bed and she had yet to fall asleep. Now, it was very warm in the bedroom so we think that she may just have been too warm (we all were). However, she seems a bit cranky and confused as to where everything is disapearing too and why she is all of a sudden no longer allowed in her bedroom. Poor girl.

Anyways, since we are moving 3 hours away I do not think I will find much time to blog over the next couple of weeks. Once things get settled I am hoping to actually start using this blog more.

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