Thursday, June 23, 2011

Driving with a hungry toddler

I have so many things I want to blog about that has happened since we started the moving process. I don't know where to start, and I really don't have a lot of time since we are still living in two places at once. I did however want to share something, so I figured I would share our wonderful car ride yesterday.

We had to break up our 3 hour car ride into half yesterday. No big deal, just had to make a stop to visit someone on the way home. The first hour before the stop went great. During out stop we tried to give Bess lunch, but she wasn't really interested. It happens. She's a toddler and doesn't always want to eat.

It was kind of a busy visit and we some how forgot a snack for Bess. I don't think she would have ate it anyways.

Que 4:40pm on the freeway. Some of you may remember me blogging about how if Bess does not get dinner at 5pm she melts down. Well this melt down, in a car, on the freeway with no where to stop for 45 minutes = hell. She was a total freakshow about it. She screamed for 45 minutes straight. Nothing I could do would distract her. We usually have some sort of snack with us when we travel, but right now everything is a mess, we are tired and we just kind of forgot it.

While spazzing out, she decide to try and eat her seat belt, her shoes, her blanket.... eventually she even bit her leg.
She actually bit her leg hard enough to make herself cry.
Am I a bad mother for thinking 'well... I can't do anything for her right now.. I might as well take pictures of her freak out so I can blog about it'?

Notice the wet spot on her leg in the lower left part of the picture? Thats where she decided to try and eat her leg like a peice of corn...

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  1. awwww poor you! it happens they all have moments like that at least once in the car. i actually think it is funny that you were taking pictures of her freaking out. your not a bab mom of course!