Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Magic of Tree's

Tree's are magical. The picture on the left is on of my favorite paths to walk with the kids on the way to get groceries. Why? Well it's beautiful for one thing. The other thing is that the kids love being under the tree's. No matter how much they are crying, fussing or just being a pain in the arse, once we get under these tree's the calm right down. JJ especially. He loves tree's. He stops crying almost immediately and gets lost in all the leaves.

The only down side to this path is that it is short. The moment we leave the canopy of the tree's the kids start acting up again and JJ has a melt down. Thank goodness there is another path just like it on the way. That one is a bit longer and usually long enough for JJ to fall asleep.

But the tree's effect on the kids is amazing. It is seriously one moment we are in fussying, cranky baby hell, the next blissful silence. I cringe at the sight of the light at the end of the path, but unfortunately I can't stay under those tree's forever. I do however walk much slower when under them.

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  1. our girls have the same reaction to trees. must be something in our dna that makes us so calmed by nature. they still get excited everytime they see a tree - the start shouting "teee, teee!" and I'm thinking, yes, it's just like that last 50 we passed. ... but hey, if it makes them happy.