Sunday, March 13, 2011

Germs Suck..

I knew that Bess starting daycare would mean she would probably pick up some germs and bring them home. I wasn't expecting it to happen so soon.

She hasn't even made it through a full day of daycare yet and we had to pull her out for 3 days due to illness. These past 5 days have sucked.

This was really our first experience with a sick and feverish child. We have been lucky before and Bess has only had one minor cold that only caused problems when she wanted to sleep. This time around it has not been so easy. She had a fever for 4 days and was miserable. In hopes to avoid getting myself and JJ sick as well (which didn't work, I got a fever and cold, JJ is all stuffy and has a cough) it fell into the hands of my husband to look after Bess. This meant lots of cuddling and basically letting Bess do whatever she wanted as long as it kept her somewhat happy. This all seemed fine, but in hindsight it has proven to have a side effect.

Now that Bess is feeling better with just a runny nose, she feels that she should still be able to do whatever she wants. Saying No is futile. She looks at me and laughs and continues. Or screams and cry's. Actually, it is more crying over ever little tiny thing that does not go her way that is driving me insane. She is never like that with me and today I am having a hard time keeping my cool with her.

Today the mean parent is back (in other words me). It is time to get back into our routine. No more of this 'I'm gonna do whatever I like' crap. I want my mostly well behaved sweet one year old back!

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