Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back to Cloth.. kind of...

Before I had JJ I had decided that having two babes in diapers was going to be expensive and produce a lot of garbage. So after doing some research I found that even though we live in an apartment with no washer or dryer cloth diapering would be possible.

We (I) decided to with flat diapers and covers. We gave this a try with Bess and it seemed to work out pretty well. However managing laundry and fighting with Bess during changes while being 38 weeks pregnant became a little two much so I gave it up with the intention to start again once JJ was born.

We have been using disposables with both kids up until yesterday. I was right, two kids in disposable diapers is expensive and produces HUGE amounts of garbage. It is just gross. I can not wait to get rid of that diaper pail!

For the moment we are just cloth diapering JJ now that his legs are thick enough for the covers. Bess is in daycare and we are waiting on a shipment of pocket diapers for her which will be much easier for the daycare to deal with than folding and covering.

JJ's first day in cloth went well. We had no leaks, but he also didn't poop so it is still up in the air as to whether or not he is big enough for the covers yet. They look a little bit big on him yet. With Bess I used the origami fold for the flats. I do not like this fold for JJ though. It is too bulky in the back and looks uncomfortable. I am going to try a modified kite fold next, hopefully that will look better and still be absorbent enough. You can see from the picture that the cover looks huge. This is a Bambinex cover. We also have a Flip cover which I also tried on him yesterday as well. I love the Flip cover more, it is much trimmer on JJ. I also have some Kawaii Baby covers coming which I hope will also fit better than the Bambinex.

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