Friday, September 9, 2011

The List 6-10

I decided it has been a very long time since I added to The List.

6. Throw all my food on the floor and laugh hesterically at my childrens homes.
7. Sit at the table, spill some yoghurt (milk, any soft food really) and proceed to smear it into every little crack in the table making it impossible to clean and ensuring that the table will always smell like sour milk.
8. Steal important thinigs (such as keys, wallets, cell phones) and hide them in strange places.
9. Touch thier computer screens leaving greasy finger prints impossible to clean.
10. Suck and grab JJ's hair leaving it crusty and in of washing.

You know, my list kind of reminds me of Sh*t My Kids Ruined. If you need a laugh and haven't seen this website, check it out.

Do you have a similar payback list? Or am I just insane that I plot my revenge for my children when they are older....

1 comment:

  1. hmmmm.... i have never considered a pay-back list, i will have to keep that in mind! i have seen that website, it's funny!