Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Weekend

Well I forgot to post yesterday. I was thinking about it most of the day. I realized this morning that I had forgotten.

This week went by quickly for me. We had a lot going on though. Bess started daycare, I started school and had language school twice in the evening.

From what I hear from my husband, Bess is doing well at daycare. She has only gone for a couple of hours for two days now, but apparently there were no tears when she was dropped off and she has played with the other kids both times. All great signs. Although I am not really surprised. I think she is more than happy to get some time away from us and spend it with kids her own age.

School was a bit pointless this week. A lot of standing/sitting around doing nothing. However I am excited for next week and for the program to start. Our first assignment involves going to the zoo and taking pictures. Good start if you ask me.

I know this is kind of a boring post so I will leave you with some cuteness.
We were out for a bit earlier today adshe just could not stay awake on thee way home.

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