Monday, September 5, 2011

The Great Diaper Change

JJ has reached that stage where changing his diaper has become nearly impossible. It goes something like this:

Me: (sniffs the air)  Ugh I think JJ has pooped

Husband: I did it last time. It's your turn.

JJ looks between us. Smiles.

I pick JJ up and heads to the change table.

JJ is still all smiles.

I lay him down.

JJ: Babababababa (as he grabs his feet and kicks)

Me: Your so cute ( I just love when he does this...)

JJ: Ba ba ba ba

I begin to to undo the diaper. One hand on his tummy, the other reaching for the whipes.

JJ:...... staring up at me

Me: Oh no, please don't....

JJ rolles.

Me: JJ, don't roll (as if he understands this).

I stuggle to hold him, keep his poopy diaper from falling on the floor and trying to whipe/keep his poopy butt from gettin poop everywhere.

JJ: starts whinning

Me: Ugh... gross (just got poop all over my hands)

I finish cleaning up the poop and turn on the tap to wash my hands.

JJ: Oooooo water (he stops trying to roll).

I return to put a fresh diaper on. Get peed on...

Me: Great... thanks for that bud....

JJ: Babababababa

Me:  Your so cute.

I grab a fresh diaper.

JJ: ba ba ba.........

I start to put the diaper on.

Me: No! JJ don't roll....

This time JJ is more determined, a there is a struggle.

JJ: Waaaaaaaa! (some body save me, she is killing me, it is the end of the world, please no, I don't want to wear a diaper, it tourcher!)

Me: Stop being so silly, it is not the end of the world!

Minutes later, JJ is dressed, I need to get changed and we walk out of the bathroom.

Husband: What took you so long?

JJ: Bababababa (big cheesy smile on his face).


  1. new follower! Our little ones are only a month apart! come see us

  2. My Monkey does the same thing and it drives me nuts! I hope it gets better soon because it definitely makes diaper changes difficult.

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  3. ha! i just read your post after doing my own post about diaper changing! glad i'm not the only one :)

  4. Dang sounds like a diaper changing episodes at our house had to giggle.....:0) New follower from the blog hop would love it if you could swing by my site. Have a great day!

  5. Diaper changes are no fun especially when they start rolling and getting stronger.

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