Friday, August 26, 2011

Pingu and Plum Vision

I have decided to devote Friday's post to something from my To Blog About list.

Today I am going to tell you about two of my kids favorite videos. These are our go to video's when we just need that moment for them to sit down and shut-up (or stop beating on each other, emptying cupboards, driving us insane.....).

It is a stop action claymation cartoon and Bess loves it. Its episodes are short (between 5 and 10 minutes) so there is a lot a variety. The best part is there are a lot of the episodes on YouTube. We have since purchased a DVD that has about 6 episodes on it, with a running time of 50 minutes. Perfect amount of time to cook dinner in. And she sits through the entire thing! It's wonderful, and a life saver at times. Some of the episodes are really stupid, others are really cute. And to be honest, I would rather her watch this than a lot of the other cartoons that are out there. However she has become a Pingu addict and will stand in front of the tv and sing (kind of) the pingu theme even when it is not on.

Our secod go to 'video' is actually a website and it works with both kids. plum vision has some online baby videos. They feature animals, objects and just interesting stuff for a baby or young child to look at. Top it off with catchy music and it's a winner! Another great bonus to this is that it is educational. Bess loves to sit with us and watch as we name off the animals the screen. Another part of the video has pictures of different things (fruit, teddy bear, shoe.. etc) floating and then it names it. Bess is now trying really hard to say the words with it. JJ just likes to watch the videos. If both kids are crying and fussying, we turn this on and they both quiet down.

Generally we don't want our kids watching too much tv. We would much rather them play or read. But sometimes it is just impossible to get anything done and a movie or tv time is just the trick. This mostly occures at when we are trying to make dinner. This seems to be the favorite fuss time for both kids.

Do your kids have some favorite videos? I would love to hear suggestions!


  1. omg, louise LOVES tv, it horrible, i know!! her favorite show is yo gabba gabba (hopefully the link works for you):

  2. I haven't seen PINGU in years! lol My 2 year old daughter asks for Dora or Diego when she needs her down time, but all three of my girls enjoy Veggie Tales videos for those half hour 'television time outs'!