Sunday, July 3, 2011

We Survived

Well I was planning on writing this post Friday night or yesterday but I just didn't find the time. We survived our first week without dad. I have the admit, there were a lot of tears, from everyone. I almost didn't make it until Friday. Thursday I asked my husband to call in sick and come home early. However, once the kids were in bed I changed my mind and told him I could make it one more day. And we did, and it was probably the easiest day out of them all.

It was probably my hardest parenting week ever. Bess has seem to have entered that stay right before the really start talking. We have been warned that this is a difficult stage. Most toddlers become very frustrated with their lack of communication skills and lash out. Bess has been hitting, scatching and biting all week long as well as many temper tantrums. I am sure with the new place and dad being gone all week she is more then stressed and she is frustrating easily. Dealing with this has been very difficult, especially with JJ wanting to nurse all the time. Bess has gotten very jealous of this time I spend with JJ. I tired and spend one on one time with her, but it never last long before JJ starts fussing. Its a juggling act I have yet to master. Maybe this week to come.

This weekend has blown by too quickly. We have been busy. JJ has his christening today, so yesterday we spent the day shopping for clothes for all of us. I found a dress that I love, however when my boobs fill with milk and I busting out of the top. I bought it anyways, but won't be wearing it today. I don't think it would be a nice memory if one of my boobs poped out of my dress at church. I am sure today will fly by also, which means I will be starting my second week of single mommyhood way too soon.

I hear ba ba ba's of JJ and the made of language of Bess coming from thier respective rooms, which means the monsters are up and its time to start our day.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

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