Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Photo Blog and things

Some of you may have noticed that I am not posting as many pictures as I was. Well, I decided to start a photography blog for all my pictures. I take a lot of pictures and I wanted a place to share them where they are the focus and pretty much nothing else. You can check it out here if you want to.

This weekend has been a pretty good weekend. Yesterday we ventured out to a forest we had never been too. It looked like it was going to rain, but we risked it and glad we did. It did rain, but we found a spot that the tree cover was so good that not a single drop landed on us. It was a bit strange. We could hear the rain. Stranger still... we were in an old viking graveyard. It was almost a mystical moment. It was also this moment that JJ decided it was time to eat.
So here I am, breatfeeding JJ in a viking graveyard. We could not get a single picture to come out clear. This picture was actually the strangest of them all. The very middle (where the light is shining down actually) is clear. The rest of it is blurry. It almost looks like we have a special lens on the camera. We don't.

The forest was beautiful and I am so glad we ventured out.

This weekend is the annual ringriding festivl in the town we are leaving. It is a huge event. Ringriding is where a rider on a horse with a jousting like pole rides down a lane and tries to hook a ring on the end of the pole. As the competition goes on the smaller the ring gets. It is pretty amazing how tiny the final ring is. Anyways, we went to that today. It was a nice festive atmosphere and we felt lucky to be in town and to be able to go to it one last time.

At one point we stopped in some shade so I could feed JJ. Bess found a small patch of flowers and decided to behead all of them.
She looked so darn cute sitting there!

The warm weather pretty much pooped out the kids though. Right before we got home both had fallen asleep in the pram.

My husband decided to continue walking with them to give then a chance to sleep. He also told me to go to the apartment and enjoy some time alone, which is what I am doing right now. It is nice to be able to write a post without interruption.


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