Monday, July 11, 2011

Bad Mommy Moment

I always read about moms being so upset with themselves because their baby has fallen off the couch or bed or whatever. My reply to this is, its okay, things happen and it was an accident. It's not like you pushed them off or anything. It can happen to anyone. It can happen in a split second.

That being said, with Bess I was very determined to never let it happen to me. And I didn't. At least until she bounced off the bed one time. However by that time she could crawl up onto the bed, so to me that doesn't count. I was pretty proud to have never let my child fall of the couch or bed or whatever.

Well.... guess who fell off the couch this morning. We are staying in a guest room with limit space. Bess is sleeping in a Pack'n'Play. I had JJ on the couch with the Pack'n'Play pushed up against it thinking this would keep him from falling off the couch. Apparently Pack'n'Play's don't make good barriers. One moment I looked over to JJ and he was on his belly watching his sister while she sat in bed. I looked away for a moment and then I hear a very light thud and then that ear peircing scream of a very unhappy baby. I look to the couch. No JJ, but I can hear him. Caught between the Pack'n'Play and the couch with a blanket pulled over him (you know just to add to the whole issue) is JJ. His head had hit the ground, but he hadn't fallen all the way down. I think he was more freaked out then hurt.

I don't think I learned my lesson though. JJ is currently laying on the couch squealing away. I do however have pillows along the edge should he decided to dive off the edge again.


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  2. We all have those days.. lol. Love the new look of your blog!

  3. we can't protect them from EVERY fall, don't beat yourself up over it :)