Friday, July 15, 2011


So today is my husbands final day of work (yipee!!!!) and that means we are heading to our new home for good this afternoon. This also means I need to pack up and clean up the room we have been staying. We have to clean it top to bottom. Not fun but when you pay less than 20$ a night you can't complain. Anyways, I have packed the clothes (which managed to get everywhere), folded the blankets and even swept the floor. But we have a problem. We are missing a baby shoe. Now we just bought these really nice slipper shoes for JJ a couple of weekends ago. Socks come off to easily, so we finally got around to getting something to go on his feet. And one of them is gone. Poof! Like it never existed.

It had actually gone missing earlier in the week. Yesterday it surprised us with a visit. Last night it ran away again when we actually needed it. I wonder if JJ has smelly feet or something.. I figured I would find it when I cleaned up. Now, I am not finished but I should have found it by now. Shoe if you are out there reading this, I would really love it if you showed up again. JJ's toes miss you and are cold.

I am pretty tired these days (JJ is STILL getting me up every 1.5hrs at night to eat...) and sometimes I have strange thoughts. For example, today I was stacking up the diapers that Bess felt the need to throw around the room yesterday. I look down at JJ's diapers and notice that on them is a crocodile and a dinosaur. I think 'what the f*ck is a crocodile doing with a dinosaur. Like I get that they could possible be related, but still why are they both on my kids diaper at the same time." Next thought "haha I can't believe I thought that... haha I should blog about it." I carry on stacking, then look at Bess's diapers next. "Holy sh*t that is a fat fish." Apparently I was in a swearing mood in my mind this morning. Like honestly who really cares what is on my kids diapers (okay I secretly love looking at them, that is the whole reason I went to cloth... I miss my cloth diapers.....).

So that is my morning so far and I really just writing this post to procrastinate. I need to clean the bathroom and wash the floor still.... I will let you all know if the shoe shows up.

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