Saturday, July 23, 2011

A little Absent

So I have been a little absent this past couple of weeks as far as posting goes. Here is why. Stress.

I couple of weeks ago I started to feel very crampy and even threw up a couple of times for no apparent reason. At this alarm bells starting going off in my head. I looked over the last few weeks and saw that my husband and I had a special night right around when I should have been ovulating. Fast forward a week from then and I had two days of very very light spotting. Of course I was thinking with that, cramping and sickness it was implantation bleeding. Now, we do not want any more children at this point. It is way too soon. But, even more stressful is that I have an IUD. IUD's and pregnancy just don't mix well and as much as I don't want to be pregnant I wouldn't want to loose a pregnancy either.

Every thought having to do with this has completely stressed me out. I have taken a test. Two actually. One earlier in the week. It was negative, but since I don't know what my cycles really are yet post pregnancy it is hard to tell when I am truly late. So I figured yesterday (Friday) I would be late no matter what and I tested again. I think I may have seen a very faint line. My husband thinks I was seeing things. I don't completely trust him though, because last time I saw a faint line that he couldn't I was indeed pregnant. But I think he may be right this time. I just don't know though. So I will test again early next week just to be sure.

Now, as I said, I do not want another baby right now. That being said, yesterday when we were out at Ikea there where many pregnant mothers there and I found my self very jealous. I was very jealous of their beautiful bellies. Seeing them kind of made me sad in a way. I can't really figure out why though... I hate being pregnant. But their bellies where just beautiful.

Anyways, that is what is up with me. I hope I will get back on the blogging bandwagon soon. To all my new followers, thank you so much for joining me this past week!

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