Sunday, June 26, 2011

My First Day as a Single Mom

I survived! And more importantly Bess and JJ survived too!

It wasn't easy. Bess woke up in a foul mood. She was determined to break me all day. Many tempertantrums, lots of hitting and scratching. She even stomped on her brother. She didn't sleep well the night before so she was just cranky. All. Day. Long.
This picture pretty much sums up Bess's day. Although I did find some of her tantrums kind of amusing. I left her screaming in the hall (she was upset because I wouldn't let her play in the bathroom) and went to nurse JJ in the living room. She screamed for a few minutes then went silent. A minute later I hear stomp stomp stomp and into the living room come one angry faced girl. He proceeds to go around the room hiting shelves along the way. She then comes to the couch and grabs the pillows and a blanket and throws them on the floor. After this she was happy again. Now, this is not behavior I really want happening, however her angry faced stomp stomp was so cute.

JJ was a doll today. He was pretty good. Now that he can roll both ways and roll around the room a bit he stays content longer on his own. He still ate every 2 hrs all day, but I did manage to get him to bed by 8:30pm. While Bess was napping JJ and I had fun with the camera.

He's just too cute!

I think I did pretty good. Both children where alseep by 8:30 pm. I took advantage of this and had a bath. However the sound of the drain at the end woke JJ up, but I gave him some boob and he went back to sleep right away. It is now 10 and I think I am going to head to bed. I know both kids will be up more than once through out the night (Bess is fussing as I type), so I figure I might as well get as much sleep as I can.

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  1. oh those days...mine are now 15 and 16...
    some days I didn't think we would survive...but we did and all is well now..hang in there when the going gets tough