Monday, May 16, 2011

Weight loss Update

Over a month ago I blogged about my weight loss goals here. I had all these goals to work out 5 time a week using Zumba and's work out videos. I was pretty good at keeping up with this for the first couple of weeks. Then I caught another cold and since my workout sessions have been sporadic at best.

I have still managed to get a couple work outs in here and there and have tried to get a lot of walking in. We love taking the kids out for a walk, even if they don't always love it. It is something we need to make into a daily habit though.

I have actually done the Zumba workout a couple of times. Finding 25 strait minutes to work out seems impossible right now. However, it is really fun and I would recommend it to anyone looking into it. You may feel a bit clumsy or silly, but that's okay do it anyways. You will love it.'s workout have been working really well for me. They have a few workouts that target specific areas that are only 10 to 15 minutes long, but still provide a good workout. If you are looking for a quick but effective workout I highly suggest to check out their workout videos on the website. Best of all they are free!

Okay, now to the interesting part. How have I done.
I started out at 143lbs (65kg). I am down to 134.2 lbs (61kg). That's 9 lbs! I just did the conversion for the first time from kg to lbs, and boy 9 lbs seems like a lot more than 4 kg. I guess I am doing pretty good.

Now for the pictures ( i got brave this time and put on my bathing suit bottoms:

Before and After front view:

Side before and after:
I'm not sure if I can see the loss in the pictures though.

I am glad that I decided to write this post this morning. I was honestly feeling like I wasn't making much progress, but now that I have actually written down the numbers I see that I have made really good progress.

Yay for getting closer to my weight loss goals!


  1. I can see the loss in the pictures. Good for you! Congrats. And thanks for following my blog. I'm now following you back! - Amy

  2. Wow...great progress! Thanks for visiting and following my blog, I am so happy to have a fellow Canadian in Denmark as a reader!