Monday, May 16, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday on Monday

So I originally didn't think I had any pictures for this weeks scavenger hunt, but then looking though my shots this week, I realized I did. So.. this is a day late..

1. Give Me Flowers
 One of the best smells of spring!

2. Visual Contrast
 Not sure if this works, but I think the pink contrasts with the blue sky

3. Friendship
 I hope they grow up to be best friends

4. Before and After
 JJ a couple days old and him just yesterday. He sure has grown!

5. Dark
 Okay, so this isn't really dark, but does shady count?


  1. Great pictures. I really like your dark one :)

  2. Great photos ;.)

    New GFC follower from the Monday Mingle Blog Hop

    Hope you can stop by ;.)

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  3. The visual contrast shot totally works - love it!

  4. I love the dark shot and lilac is so beautiful.

  5. Great set! I love that first flower shot! Children grow sooooo fast, don't they! Sweet siblings!

  6. Really great shots this week - I am loving your first and last shots!

  7. Thanks for attending the monday mingle blog hop,am now following you back and i look forward reading more of your post.