Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Whole Lotta Cute

Having two children under the age of 2 is a lot of work. Sometimes I just wanna hide somewhere. However, I would not change a thing. For every stressful, hair pulling moment there are twice as many cute moments that make me forget about the screaming, and poopy diapers.

Cute Moment # 1
Look at that smile. We are working on walking. Bess can take 4 or 5 steps here and there, but she loves to walk while holding our hands.

Cute Moment #2
She probably crawled around with that cornflake on her face for half an hour.

Cute Moment # 3
Smell this flower daddy!

Cute Moment # 4
Bess has figured out that if I am breastfeeding I can't take things away from her. As you can see, she had a nice time with a roll of toilet paper.

Cute Moment #5
Completely Crashed.

Cute Moment #6
I put JJ down for a nap in the pack'n'play and went off to do some dishes. I could hear Bess saying hi to someone, and I found her on the chair looking down at JJ saying hi to him. Soooo cute.

And Finally..
Cute Moment # 7

JJ is starting find his voice and particularly talkative this morning.

Children can really be the best remedy when you are in a crappy mood. I love me kids.

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