Saturday, March 5, 2011

2 a.m. thoughts on breastfeeding

It is just about 2 a.m.

This really isn't all that surprising considering I have a newborn (who really isn't so newborn already!). My baby boy just loves to eat at night, and eat, and eat, and eat some more. My strategy has mostly to nurse while laying on my side. This has allowed me to get some sleep. He eats, I sleep. Sounds like a good deal doesn't it?

I am beginning to wonder. The last couple of days my nipples have been sore. Nothing to extreme, but sore. They also seem to be on the verge of scabbing. Not something I want to happen. I think this is probably due to the crappy latch I know that we have when side laying nursing. I am big breasted and getting into a position so that he can even grab my nipple and not have my boob smothering him is a task. We managed to make it work, but I am usually pretty uncomfortable, but am so tired I just don't care.

Another issue I have noticed with side laying nursing is that JJ just does not empty them properly, leaving me waking up in the morning with knots in both breasts. So far we have been able to resolve these through out the day. I hope that it doesn't lead to any completely clogged ducts though.

Am I going to regret allowing a crappy latch to happen? I hope not. But I really do need the sleep at night. I don't really get the chance to nap during the day. If I do then I would get zero time with my daughter.

I also experienced the familiar feeling of painful let down this past evening. You know (or perhaps you don't), that feeling of needles going through your breasts and they re-fill with milk. This is something  I had with my daughter and I ended up giving up breastfeeding with her.

This time around my experience with breastfeeding has been so much better. I really hope that these issues that have popped up 1.5 weeks later will remain small issues that can be dealt with.


  1. Hang in there! I did a lot of the "lay and sleep" feedings with Maycie. I just needed my sleep. I ended up with scabs in the beginning. I used some lanolin (the medela brand) and it worked great. I got better after the first couple of weeks. Her latch got better and I healed and it all worked out fine. I had to stop b/c around 3 months my supply just took a nosedive. I'm no expert that's for sure but if you have any questions I can try to answer:)

  2. Thanks Tara. I have decided to cut out the nursing on my side. I figured out that if I get out of bed and sit up properly JJ can empty my breast much faster than when I am laying on my side. This has worked well the last couple of nights. He nurses for a max of 30 mins and we both go back to bed.

    I am a little sore, but so far no damage to the nipples yet... keeping my fingers crossed!