Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yesterday was a good Day

Monday was horrible. The night before had been sleepless to all in the apartment for some unknown reason, the morning nothing worked out for me and when I picked Bess up from daycare she was cranky and a devil, which ended with all 3 of us (Bess, JJ and I) crying on the couch. Both kids just would not stop crying at the same time and finally with both of them crying in my lap I broke down and joined them. Realizing that mommy was on an edge (I wanted to put them in their cribs and leave... and not come back for some time...) Both of them suddenly decided that the movie that was on the tv was worth watching and quieted down. Luckily, 30 minutes later their father walked in. We had dinner and I went to bed. Monday sucked. I was tired, exhausted from being really sick all weekend and just couldn't deal.

Yesterday was the complete opposite. My day at home with JJ went as normal. He even napped a couple of times. I picked up Bess from Daycare at 4, heard that she had a really good day, so I kept a positive attitude. We got home, and she stayed in a great mood. She didn't cry or whine for anything the entire night until it was her bedtime.

She was extra cute as well. For a bit when we first got home we looked at some of her books. She made me read one about 10 times, and she has this other one that makes sounds that we played with for a bit. After about half an hour or so I told her that I had to do the dishes. I got up to do them and she took her book that makes sounds over to her brother and put it in his lap and showed him the sounds. It was very cute! The entire evening she made sure that her brother had some sort of toy. AND, she didn't try to crawl or sit on him once!

Besides being a little momma bear, she did something even cuter. Now, she has a number of pop bottles in her toy bag because as some point these where her favorite thing to play with. Well she takes one of these out and goes over to Julius and pretends to give him a drink. As she is doing it she goes "gulp gulp" and smiles. Then she pretends to take a drink herself and goes "gulp gulp". It was too funny! I have no idea where she has got the 'gulp gulp' thing from because I don't think we have ever done that with her.

It just amazes me how smart she is becoming and how fast she is learning!

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  1. Aww...this makes me miss my little niece at home in Canada. She is 8 months old, and growing so fast! I feel like I am missing out on so much!