Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Good News

Well last week ( I think it was last week) I blogged about some of the more stressful things in my life at the moment. Well, a bit part of that limbo I described has been lifted.

Last Tuesday I had my interview for the program I had applied to. Friday I received my letter of acceptance. Happy dance! Hello Multimedia Design and Communication program, I am glad we will be getting to know each other come September.

I am happy about this. Really happy. But I am nervous too. This is a completely different type of studying for me. I have a degree, but it was mostly researched based. This will be more hands on, project based. I also have these fears of going to class and finding out how uncreative I am, and that I am by far the worst artist in the class. How horrible would that be! Still I am excited about the program and I can't wait for September to come.

More good news... we have been offered an apartment in the city where I will be going to school. The apartment is much bigger than what we are in now. We currently live in a 1 bedroom apartment that is 62 square meters. Bess's room is also where our dinning room table is. The kitchen is tiny. JJ is in our room, as are our computers. It is hell. It is too small. I hate it. The new apartment is 101 square meters. There are two bedrooms. There is a living room. There is a dinning room. There is a bigger kitchen. There are TWO bathrooms AND a small laundry room! Yes, the kids will have to share a room for a little while, but that is fine until we buy a house. We have until Thursday to accept the offer. I think we are going to say yes too it. The only thing holding us back is that we are also on the wait list for some places that have a small yard. If we take this place, then we get the keys in the middle of June. That means I have a lot of packing to do! Well I will have to pack either way, but having a place makes it feel more urgent.

I wonder how Bess is going to take moving? It is kind of sad in a way. She just started daycare in March and she is really comfortable with the woman who looks after her and 3 other girls. She will have to start all over again. I hope the change doesn't affect her too much.


  1. I am sure you will do great in your class. That is pretty small. I am sure a bigger place is going to be nice. I am not a fan of moving, my husband and I have moved 3 times and we did all the packing ourselves (well I did) not fun. I wish you all the best with your move and your new program!