Monday, April 25, 2011

Love me some Moby

When Bess was born I knew right away that I wanted some kind a carrier. We ended up with two. A Baby-Bag sling and a Snugli baby carrier (not the soft kind). I could never really get into either of these carriers.

The Baby-bag shoulder strap was very uncomfortable and my shoulders would just kill. I do however like this one for the hip carring of Bess. So it still does get used.

The Snugli we have is okay, but a not comfortable for me as it squished my boobs and makes me uncomfortable. My husband however likes it and uses it often.

When I started to realized that JJ was not going to be as independent as his sister I started to look for something that I could wear around the house with him in it that would be comfortable for both of us. I settled on a Moby Wrap.

I love it! Sure it is a pain to put on. I'm short and it is a lot of fabric, but I am getting faster at it.

JJ likes it sometimes. However when he does go in it he falls asleep so quickly and it is usually a nice deep sleep and he will actually have a long nap.

It is comfortable too. I think I love that there are no pressure points on my shoulders with it. That was my biggest complaint with the other two infant carriers. This one just feels like I am wearing a t-shirt that is pulling a bit.

I also love that there are different holds to it. Once JJ's head is a bit more stable I will try him facing outwards. I am sure he will love it.

The other big selling point for me: it is truly hands free and allows me to interact with Bess when JJ has decided to be fussy and wants to be held. Another great thing: when Bess is being fussy and wants to be held (or not be in the stroller, as was the case yesterday) she can go into it too!


  1. New follower from "Monday Mingle Blog Hop"! I love the idea of the baby carriers. Unfortunately, my son was independent from day one. :( If we held him too long he would squirm and then start crying till we put him down. :( I feel like I missed out. I can't say too much though because my mom told me I was the EXACT same way. Oh well, maybe next time. Please stop by and visit me at!

  2. My daughter was pretty independent and we almost never used a carrier with her. My son, complete opposite! I can never get anything done. I think somewhere in the middle of my two kids would be great. Independent enough to let me get house work, but still wanting to cuddle.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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