Friday, April 8, 2011

Dinner Time

With my husband now off of maternity and back at work I find myself trying (or struggling really..) to figure out how to manage getting dinner ready on time.

Some may tell me, just have it ready when you can. This would be ideal. I pick up Bess from daycare at 3. We go for our walk and get home sometime between 3:30 and 4. I feed JJ and start dinner. In my mind this is a great plan and seems workable.


Whats wrong with this plan you ask? Well, you see, Bess must have dinner in front of her at 5 p.m. No ifs, ands, butts about it. If I do not have food being shoved into her mouth by 5 then we reach complete meltdown stage. As soon as I start making dinner she begins to bug me for food. She is like a dog begging at your legs, however she is more annoying. She screams louder, and pulls on my pants. Dogs can't pull on your pants (well most can't). This makes the task of making dinner quickly impossible. Getting dinner done by 5? Impossible. To round it all up in wonderfulness, this is also the time JJ has decided is his fussy time. So there I am, trying to cook dinner with JJ in one hand and Bess yanking on my pants and in my legs. Sounds dangerous, doesn't it?

This is the only part of my day that really stresses me out having two children under the age of 2. For two hours I pray that my husband hurries up and gets home from work (he gets home around 6).

I think I have come up with a course of action. I am going to make some freezer meals on the weekend. That way, come 4 p.m. all I have to do is pop whatever meal it is into the oven and that's it. That seems like a much easier scenario. Now all I need to do is find some freezer meal ideas. Any suggestions?

And what is it with 5 p.m.???

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